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Hozt.co.uk is a Worcestershire based Web design company specialising in

Web Site Design

Web Site Hosting

Video Marketing

Product Photography

All services are carried out for a wide range of commercial, and non-commercial, organisations across the United Kingdom and Internationally.

Using our industry knowledge we can help you understand how web based technology can work for your business. We guide you through elements of the Internet you may not have considered and guide you through web based marketing techniques in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Hozt.co.uk follows the design philosophy, that the main goal of a web site is to communicate to its customers, this is much more than simply the words on the page, although they’re certainly important.

Synergy may be a popular buzz word these days, but in fact everything on the page needs to reinforce your message and make it as clear and as much impact as possible. We work with you to give the site content and structure based on your exact requirements. With our web development and hosting services we offer long term support and advice with a marketing edge, giving you an additional asset in your sales and marketing team.

Why not drop us an email or call to book your free web health check by one of our team.